Aluminum Foam Panel Has Small Density

The foam hole is closed, the sealing rate is 95%, and the rainwater will not permeate through the holes.

Good adhesion: Able to bond with wood, metal, masonry, glass and other materials very firmly, not afraid of strong wind.


 CEP Board

Metal polymer composite panel, called CEP Board.CEP Board has the advantage of easy processing, strong plasticity, wide range of uses. 

This product is suitable for high-end building, airport, station, industrial factory, shop exterior wall and curtain wall; train, car panel, surface decoration, kitchen and bathroom cabinet.

The research and development of this product conforms to the national design requirements on building energy conservation and green environmental protection and plays an important role in beautifying the city, energy conservation and emission reduction.




(1) Aluminum alloy on both sides of CEP board.

CEP board adopts 1100 or 3003 series of alloy aluminium, the thickness of coloured aluminium is more than 0.3mm. New technology is developed to make alloy aluminium adhere closely to core material and have high peeling strength.

(2) CEP board core material.

The middle core material of CEP board is modified low molecular weight fire-proof material, which adopts closed-cell foaming technology, so it has the functions of heat preservation, waterproof and sound insulation. When burning, leaving the fire source to extinguish, no droplets will be produced. Fire protection reaches B1 level and smoke non-toxicity test reaches ZA3. Closed-cell foaming principle makes the sheet achieve light weight, high strength, sealing and other properties, can be used in high-rise (wind pressure coefficient up to 9 level, can withstand 14 level typhoons).

(3) Surface Technology of CEP Board (Fluorocarbon Roll Coating Technology)

Fluorocarbon coatings for curtain wall materials are organic coatings based on fluorocarbon resin and colored with metal particles or mica crystals. The content of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) is more than 70%. The chemical structure of fluorocarbon based materials is bound by fluorocarbon chemical bond, which is considered to be the most stable and firm bond up to now. 



(1) High Strength Performance

Using the latest microporous foaming technology, the CEP board can form a firm and stable structure with super wind pressure resistance.

(2) Fire and Flame Retardant

CEP board has non-combustible, carbonized and non-droplet properties

(3) Thermal Insulation Performance

Metal, non-metal and air are well combined to improve the thermal insulation performance of the sheet.

(4) Heat Insulation Performance

Combining optical and thermal principles, the thermal insulation function o f CEP board is improved.



(5) Light Weight, Low Density

With the application of microporous foaming technology in CEP board, the load-bearing capacity and construction cost of the building are reduced under the condition of enhancing the ability of resisting wind pressure.

(6) Low Water Absorption

1.4% low water absorption to ensure that CEP board can be used in high humidity environment.

(7) Sound Insulation Performance

CEP board 95% of the closed-hole technology, isolating the transmission of sound, more tranquil.

(8) Double-sided Decorative Performance

Double-sided pattern can be arbitrarily matched, so that partition, background walls are gorgeous.



CEP Board are mainly used in advertising boards, door boards, office partitions, cabinet boards, sign boards.Advertising Board


Product Packaging

which can produce two-meter width aluminum composite panel curtain wall, with an annual production capacity of 15 million square meters ACP, and 5 million square meters of Aluminum Core Composite Panel. production lines include the most complete varieties, designs and colors in the field.



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