Aluminium Honeycomb Panels with Wood Block Embedded for Doors

Thanks to its superb characteristic of light weight, good strength, sound and heat proof, aluminum honeycomb panel has transferred from aviation industry's usage to civil application and tends to be the most popular light weight panel.

 Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Aluminum honeycomb panel has good thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire resistance, and the surface layer can be processed into various color.
Fire prevention: Aluminum plate is non combustible material

Corrosion resistance: The surface of aluminum honeycomb plate is treated with epoxy fluorocarbon, which has strong corrosion resistance. There is no pinhole,
crack or blister in the salt spray for 48 hours.
Environmental protection: Honeycomb panel is a pure aluminum vertical product, which does not volatilize any harmful gas to human body, has no radioactivity and
can be completely recycled. It is a 100% environmental protection product.


Product introduction

Aluminum Honeycomb Board is a kind of high-tech environmental protection decoration material, Which is tightly bonded with aluminum plate and aluminum 
honeycomb core by the advanced international technology as well as the modern fully automated production equipment.
It is mainly used in the decoration of the exterior wall of the building


Color Chart



Light weight/Rigid/High intensity/Corrosion resistance/Rich colors
High evenness /Fireproof/Heat insulation/Low cost/Pro-enviroment,energy saving Excellent processing performance
Warm bearable Routine item products can be used in the temperature scope of -60°C- + 120°C.



It is widely used in curtain wall exterior decoration, interior wall decoration, old building renovation. Ship, high-speed rail, aircraft interior decoration. Modern furniture decoration


Production packaging



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