Installation method of aluminum plastic plate

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1. Grooving

First of all, we all know that the premise of aluminum clad plate folding is that the aluminum foil should be thick enough, and the thicker the aluminum sheet, the better the folding. Before the folding of aluminum-plastic plate, we should first use the slotting machine (trimming machine) to open a groove from the back of aluminum clad plate, otherwise it is impossible to fold. The slotting depth is adjusted according to the thickness of the aluminum plastic. First, shorten the cutter head and try it slowly until it seems that the aluminum skin is not exposed. It's easy to scratch the aluminum sheet when it's deep, and it's easy to crack when it's shallow.


2. cutting and edge bending

Aluminum cutting composite board: the aluminum composite plate tool is generally made with a American knife (paper cutter). There are two types of cutting heads, U-shaped (commonly called round knife head), V-shaped (popular called sharp knife head), U-shaped cutter head is not easy to scratch aluminum skin, but the angle folded is not very straight. If V-shaped blade head, the angle is straight, and the angle is relatively beautiful but easy to scratch the aluminum skin, which causes the aluminum skin to open Crack, generally 4 mm aluminum composite plate with 6 # knife head can.

The folding side mainly depends on the aluminum skin. Many people's mistake is that raw rubber can not fold, and the cooked rubber can fold. In fact, this is wrong, because the folding is to remove the middle plastic, so the folding mainly depends on the thickness of aluminum skin. Generally, the more than 8 wires often sold in the market are fully satisfied with the 90 degree right angle folding demand. Jixinxiang curtain wall can be made of aluminum plastic sheet aluminum sheet with thickness of 50 wires. If the roller arc is required, the rolling angle should be choose with the back of the bending machine facing up according to different construction requirements. The aluminum composite plate core material is divided into raw rubber and clinker. If the roller arc, it can only be used with the clinker and not raw rubber.






3. Install aluminum corner






4. Install aluminum or steel frame

Fix the aluminum clad plate on the frame, and put the silicone sealant into the gap between the panels

Precautions for use of aluminum plastic plate
1. Please store or install in a dry and ventilated place in an appropriate way to avoid water accumulation and the ambient temperature is not higher than 70 ° C. do not install in abnormal environment, such as smoke and dust, strong wind and sand, radiation, harmful gas and chemical environment and acid-base zone;

2. Round head or V-shaped flat head saw blade or milling cutter with a thickness of more than 90 ° shall be used for slotting. Plastic core plate with a thickness of 0.2-0.3 mm shall be reserved, and the edge shall be bent together with the panel. The aluminum panel shall not be damaged due to excessive depth, which may cause the aluminum panel fracture or paint film burst. The force shall be uniform when bending the edge, and it shall be formed at one time, and repeated bending shall be avoided;

3. The installation shall be carried out according to the direction specified by the arrow of the protective film. The products with different batch numbers shall not be used in the same plane. Before the construction of the joint, the error processing shall be adjusted to a reasonable range before the construction;

4. Stone pattern board, wood pattern board, wire drawing board, mirror panel and composite board of internal wall specification shall not be used in external wall;

5. Be sure to tear off the protective film within 45 days after the installation of the aluminum clad plate, so as to avoid the phenomenon of glue transfer caused by explosion and aging;

6. If the board surface is polluted during construction or use, it can be wiped with neutral detergent or alcohol, and it is forbidden to use strong acid or alkali detergent. At ordinary times should be regular cleaning, professional cleaning.

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